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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Buttercup, Buttercup Tablescape

Buttercups remind me of my grandmother. I lost her when our eldest son was 18 months old. She never got to see him and I really regret that.  We were on our way to Germany when she passed away. I miss her so much some days.  - Okay, I do know those are not buttercups in that photo. I can't dare bring them into the house, our little inspector likes to chew on plants and buttercups(part of the Ranunculus family) are poisonous. I didn't know that as a child, did you?

But these buttercup plates by Copeland Spode are harmless and bring me much pleasure.

I love the scalloped edges of these salad plates. I love the Fleur de Lis like inner border. I love the basketweave/wicker portion, too. And I. am. totally. smitten. with the buttercups. Did you ever place a buttercup under your chin? Did your skin reflect the yellow color? Then you like butter. I'm sure my chin glowed brilliant yellow!!! I've read where some people can have a reaction to this seemingly innocuous darling, little blossom if it touches their skin.

I paired with with a gingham place mat and a solid yellow napkin. Click HERE to link to a fun post on pairing dishes with napkins that I wrote about on Monday. It's a tutorial on a fun iPhone/Pad app.

The darker brown faux bamboo flatware was a perfect choice to pick up the browns in the plates. I also used a gingham napkin with the two solid yellow place mats that were on each end of the table. I had to mix, only have 4 of the gingham place mats and you know perfectly well that it's okay to mix, right?

The still thriving ferns came to the table yet once more. Adding some sweet yellow fauxs in the pots almost gave the feel of sitting in a wonderful, grassy field filled with some buttercups while whiling the hours away.

A little bit of history from somewhere on the web: Copeland Spode appears on some pieces of nineteenth-century English porcelain. Josiah Spode established a pottery at Stoke-on-Trent, England, in 1770. In 1833, the firm was purchased by William Copeland and Thomas Garrett and the mark was changed to Copeland Spode. In 1847, Copeland became the sole owner and the mark changed again. W.T. Copeland & Sons continued until a 1976 merger when it became Royal Worcester Spode. The company was bought by the Portmeirion Group in 2009. Pieces are listed under the name that appears in the mark. Spode still appears in the mark for pieces formerly made by Copeland Spode, pieces that include earthenware and bone china. I think this mark is from 1891-1900+. Spode designed this pattern in 1885. There is more history on this pattern found by clicking HERE.

Three stemmed hurricanes filled with ice cream salt and some candles are placed amongst the ferns.

I also brought out my sweet birds. Yellow and white. Easy conversation pieces.

My Little Buttercup
(Randy Newman)
My little buttercup has the sweetest smile
Dear little buttercup, won't you stay awhile
Come with me where moonbeams paint the sky
And you and I might linger in the sweet by and by, oh...

Dear little buttercup, with your eyes so blue
Oh little buttercup, you' re a dream come true
You and I will settle down in a cottage built for two
Oh, dear little buttercup, I love you...

Everybody !

My little buttercup, has the sweetest smile
Dear little buttercup won't you stay awhile
You and I will settle down in a cottage built for two, oh

Dear little buttercup
Sweet little buttercup,
My little buttercup
I love you

I am so glad you dropped in today and got to play with my buttercups for a bit. Maybe they took you back in time to fields of flowers, sitting on your grandma's lap, and relaxing in the midst of summer.
Placemats and yellow napkins - Villeroy and Boch
Gingham napkins - Pier One
Chargers and napkin rings - Pier One or World Market
White dinner plates - Wedgwood Windsor
Salad plates - Copeland Spode
Glasses - Mikasa French Countryside
Stemmed Hurricanes - TJMaxx

Linking to Cuisine Kathleen's Let's Dish on Wednesday evening
Do come by and see the pretty settings the ladies and gents have prepared for you.


Dianne said...

Marlis, Sweet, sweet, sweet! I love this table. Those plates my heart beat faster. I love them. Dianne


Stunning sweet Marlis! Your Copeland dishes are gorgeous and I also love the White ones and pretty place mats and lovely flowers in your centerpieces. I've missed you and I'm so happy to see your beautiful post. Hope you're having a wonderful Summer.

Sarah said...

Marlis, buttercups are a fond memory of my childhood too. I didn't know they were poisonous. Now that we have Sadie, I often check plants that she might come in contact with. I've removed several that are very poisonous to dogs.....angel vine being one. We had a gorgeous plant, full of white trumpets, but they are fatal to a dog if ingested. I wasn't about to risk that!
Love seeing your pretty Buttercup by Spode. That's long been a pattern I've admired as two different friends have sets of this beautiful pattern. Like you, I love the details that is on of these plates.

Dawna (Stitches from the Tub) said...

Your table is beautiful as always. I love the buttercup dishes with all the wonderful details as well as the history of Spode/Copeland etc. A visual delight and a history lesson all in one.

RhondaBuss said...

Forget the food, I want to eat the place settings!!!!! In other words, it looks good enough to eat :)

Entertaining Women said...

So I'm thinking that if I held a buttercup to my chin, I'd likely look jaundiced. Your grandmama table brought me thoughts of my mama. She loved to decorate with yellow. She and I would have gone on forever about your tablescape. Ice cream salt....keeper idea! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Your table is beautiful! So light and airy - The dishes are so very pretty.

pembrokeshire lass said...

I like buttercups....just not in my garden. In fact my garden was absolutely full of yellow buttercups....I've never seen it like that so I did a post about it last month. The lawns were just a sea of yellow! Loved the china. As you say, so many textures and designs on one plate and yet they all go so well together! Joan

Tricia said...

Gorgeous table, Marlis! This is one of my all-time favorite china patterns. A good friend from childhood chose this as her "between" pattern -- the first time I'd heard that term. I hope she is still enjoying hers!

Mona said...

Marlis, your table is so beautiful. Buttercups have always been one of my favorite flowers so this brings good memories for me..and all of your info about Spode..very interesting. I learn something so often from you...thank you for your lovely table and sharing it with us..
love, Mona

Alycia Nichols said...

Heck, yes, it makes sense to mix!!! I'm really big on mixing and matching! It shows creativity and an ability to think beyond the obvious.

These are REALLY pretty dishes! At first glance I thought they were from that Portmerion line. Man, oh man, they are pretty!!!!!! I love the edges!!! I think that's my favorite part, although the flowers are so delicate and pretty, too.

I really like the centerpiece, Marlis. This is one that doesn't intimidate but looks like a million bucks!

Diane said...

This is so pretty, Marlis. I have always loved the Spode Buttercup pattern, but I do not own any. I love the yellow you added, but the darker bamboo flatware is perfect. Thanks for sharing the information, too!

Pat said...

Your table is beautiful Marlis. I did not know that about Buttercups and I did not know Buttercups are from the same family as Ranunculus.

kitty said...

What a pretty table, Marlis. I love the pairing of the gingham with your gorgeous dishes. Your ferns as centerpiece just add the right airiness and natural beauty to your table. I love the mixes of placemats, too. Your poem at the end and the memories of your grandma are treasures.

spooks said...

I have the buttercups and they are some of my favorites, Marlis. You put everything together so beautifully. Yellow just makes me smile all the time....Christine

Lulu said...

Your creative journeys are always among my favorites as they are both creative and comfortable, two qualities I greatly appreciate. Hmmm, I didn't know buttercups are poisonous. Is the same true for ranunculus?

Mary said...

Oh I adore your Buttercup by Spode... the scalloped edges, the basketweave border and the buttercup blooms! It's beautiful paired with the yellow gingham, graceful lines of the goblets and rattan chargers! I love your overhead shots!

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

So pretty! Isn't it funny how certain things remind us of our elders? I love that about life!

Judy Biggerstaff said...

Beautiful post Marlis, your Buttercup dishes are stunning. Love your table and how you used your ferns with the faux flowers. The charges and napkin rings seems to set it all off. Thanks for the information on Spode.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Very pretty table. I love anything with yellow, but those plates are gorgeous and I like the gingham placemats and napkins you used with them. Yes, we did the buttercup thing on the chin! I don't remember anybody being allergic! LOL!


Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

What a sweet table and sweet post overall, Marlis! I love this pattern. It came up at auction recently, and I had to really work hard to not go for it. I especially like your gingham placemats with these dishes--perfect! So glad I saw your post! ~Zuni

Monica @ Texas Fiesta Ware Fan said...

Very nice. Somewhat of a tribute to your grandmother. I do love those plates. Thanks for sharing about your grandmother.

Debbie said...

I'm just so crazy about the pale, but not too pale yellow of buttercup. Really, aside from pink, it's my favorite color. It's just plain lovely on this table, and I love the dinnerware that inspired it. Count yourself blessed that it's too happy to sing or I would be croaking along with you.

Pat Cantwell said...

Such a sweet buttercup tablescape, dear friend!
Perfect for the beginning of a heated Summer on the Prairie! The touch of soft buttery yellow is just the needed light, refreshing hue to balance the green and bamboo!!!
Thanks for sharing!

thepaintedapron.com said...

so pretty Marlis, I always love your photos shot from above! It's lovely that you set this table with memories of your grandmother~

tablescapesbybev said...

Gorgeous! I love these colors together, and the plates are to die for.

Holly said...

Sweet Marlis, love the tablescapes, the buttercups, and the sweet memories you have of your mother. Hugs, Holly @ coconutheadsurvivalguide

Sharlotte said...

I love your table...the yellows with the browns are such a peaceful feeling. You centerpiece is simply stunning!
Thanks too for dropping by my site!

Crystal Grandeur said...

Beautiful table Marlis.Love the dishes and the yellow buttercups in the middle looks lovely.Thank you for stopping by.My sons too laughed for placing the chop sticks and wanted me to remove it.Hugs...Sujatha..:):)

Laurie Ritchey said...

Marlis, what a beautiful china pattern, and you have done a beautiful job of accenting it with your accessories. Such a lovely way to remember your grandmother. laurie

Ivy and Elephants said...

Your table setting is just gorgeous!
Love the Spode and the fabulous flat that matches so perfectly. Stunning!

Sweetladyelaine said...

I loved your post....remembering buttercups, it so much fun! I do remember holding it under our chins and loving the idea, we loved butter!
Your china is so pretty and you set a lovely table. I love the ferns too! Such a summery table. Blessings My Friend,

Moni - Zuhaus at Home said...

Such a delightful table....love the beautiful dishes and the sweet buttercups. Very pretty! We are so thankful for sweet memories, aren't we?


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