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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daylight in November Tablescape

With the leaves changing colors, I thought it'd be high time to set a table using these beautiful specimens of God's handiwork.

A white matelasse coverlet provides a textured backdrop for this table. Enamelware chargers that look like leather, Mikasa Daylight dinner plate and soup bowl, Ironwood salad bowls, brown napkin in silver napkin rings, and two vases filled with leaves.

Love this roll of grapevine mesh. Used it to take away a bit of the white and add some more fallish character. Also sprinkled pecan here and there.

The wooden candle holder is one of a kind made by a craftsman in Taos, NM.

 Love the way the leaves on the Mikasa dishes peek out and are repeated in the leaves tucked into the napkin rings.

See the faux stitching on the chargers? They really go with so many different things!

Ironwood bowls are fabulous.. just don't soak them in water for any period of time.

Most leaves in Lubbock never attain a wonderful crimson color. Mainly they are green one day, yellow the next and then on the ground the third. Well  maybe that is a wee bit of exaggeration, but it's close.

I love the amber wine hocks.. they really do go with most tables this time of year.

See how these dishes really do fit quite well into a fall setting.. the leaves are the same color as the ones in the vases!

I love how well Mikasa planned out the positioning of the leaves on the plates so that they are on opposing sides of one another when the dishes are stacked. Dinner plate and soup bowl.

Although I have the green chargers with the dishes, I thought the brown chargers grounded the dishes better for a fall setting.

Because it's good to see who is sitting across from you, removing the vases to the buffet and bringing in a grapevine basket filled with leaves for dinner makes good sense.

Brought in the mercury glass candleholder to pick up on the silver edge of the chargers, the flatware and the napkin rings.

Matelasse - vintage
Flatware - our everyday stainless by Gorham
Wood bowls - Ironwood
Wine Hocks - Stein Mart
Napkins - Tuesday Morning
Napkin rings - Stein Mart
Mercury Glass candleholders - Jackalope, Santa Fe, NM
Wooden candleholder - Taos, NM
Clear votive cups - Dollar Tree
White vases - Tuesday Morning
Grapevine mesh - Hobby Lobby
Pecans and limbs - outside our doors

Thanks so much for dropping in. I hope you'll leave a comment letting me know you were here and making it easier for me to reciprocate a visit. 


Priscilla said...

I LOVE the bright green with the brown and white. Although I have never used it in my home I love to see it used.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hi Marlis! This is a pretty gorgeous table. I like all the earthy elements, and the leafy centerpiece you have chosen to compliment the plates is perfection! Really stunning!

Jeannine said...

Ok, so once again I find myself gleaning every last bit out of your photos and table settings. You always add so many layers, and no blank spots. The mikasa plates are great-I can see them for spring as well with delicate early blooms.

The French Hutch said...

Hi Marlis, How creative to use the grapevine in your tablescape. I love the woodland feel it gives. This works so well with the wooden bowls and the green leaves are so pretty in the stage of changing to yellow. I like how you tucked in a few for the napkin holders. Great china, The green leaves on the white really pop. I love the effect of the mercury candleholders to the table. So creative and lovely.

The French Hutch

Kuby said...

What a spectacularly beautiful table! I love the wood bowl, and the china is to die for. God bless!! Enjoy the beauty. It suits you perfectly,

Alycia Nichols said...

Hello there, Miss Marlis! You KNOW I am hooting on the inside (still not supposed to be talking, so I can't shout!) for this table. It is a super duper homerun-and-a-half!!!! That's wild that the leaves in Texas are still greenish. Most everything here has turned completely, and most are on the ground. Our yard guy has been getting them up each week when he comes, but there's a whole new blanket of them to replace those within hours. It's crazy! We have some kind of weird magnolia tree that was covered in gorgeous golden yellow leaves one day and completely naked the next! I am so in love with those chargers!!! You can use them a billion times over and make them look different each time, I'll bet! I love stuff like that!!! You did a fabulous job of making the Daylight dishes feel right at home in an autumn atmosphere! The grapevine runner is cool, too!!!!!!! Gorgeous, m'lady!

Meredith said...

Oh this is so lovely. Your wooden bowls are beautiful. I love all the elements of nature and how it compliments your dishes so well.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How pretty -- I really like the brown, white and green of your table. We're having such a lovely fall, but just past peak color -- they're falling fast!

Debbie said...

That place setting is so beautiful. I might not have noticed the detail of having the leaves on either side if you hadn't pointed it out. That's such a wonderful little detail.

It looked wonderful with your leaves, too. I love the way you placed a little spring in the napkin ring. It was the perfect touch.

And I love those chargers!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love the earthy wood tones of your table Marlis. Very lovely.

Jocelyn @

Jacqueline said...

Marlis, such a pretty combination of colors. Your Mikasa is so pretty and goes so well with the rich brown. Those chargers are wonderful. I need a shot of bright green right now. Everything here has gotten ugly!

once in a blue moon said...

striking, fresh and wonderful~

carolinajewel said...

Just gorgeous! I love the brown and green color combination! Love how your leaves and lighting match the dishes also - Congrats!

xinex said...

You were so creative in setting this table, Marlis. It takes a lot of imagination to set a beautiful table like this. Love it!..Christine

xinex said...

You were so creative in setting this table, Marlis. It takes a lot of imagination to set a beautiful table like this. Love it!..Christine

xinex said...

You were so creative in setting this table, Marlis. It takes a lot of imagination to set a beautiful table like this. Love it!..Christine

Maria said...

White and brown with some bright green thrown in is a wonderful color combination. There's so much texture on this table! I love it! I could see these dishes working equally well in the spring and summer - a very versatile pattern. Beautiful, Marlis!

Entertaining Women said...

The texture of the white matelasse pairs perfectly with the glorious grapevine mesh...and the plates are perfect with the color of the Cap Rock leaves. I adore this tablescape. Thank you for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

Sarah said...

Marlis, seeing your white matelasse topper reminds me that I need to get one of these. I love the look for a table setting. Have to say that the browns and greens of this table are magnificent. Love every detail!

Elaine said...

Marlis, this table is so striking! I have to say it's one of the prettiest I've seen since I started tablescaping. There isn't anything I don't just love!!!

Jo's This and That said...

love your colors!

Marigene said...

I love the outdoor woodsy/earthy feel of your table...the ironwood bowls with the leaf plates was brilliant!

Cathy said...

I think you should receive an A+ love the warm colors.

Cathy's Cupboard Calamity

Zuni said...

Oh, Marlis, I think this table is soooo pretty. I can't even describe all that I like about it...it's fall, but with a lot of green, but with the texture of fall. Lots of wonderful texture and detail. Lovely. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Lana K. W. Austin said...

Hello Dear Friend,
I love this autumnal feast for the eyes....especially the actual organic elements that you incorporated. I also love those chargers with the stitching!!!! AND>.....since I've been MIA in blogland for a few weeks, I scrolled down to look at some of your other posts and I must say that your Halloween table was super...the touches of red....WOW!!! One of the best Halloween tables I've seen!!!
I'll stop rambling.... :)

Sandra said...

What a beautiful table. The greens and browns are perfect together. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.

white life© said...

Deine herbstliche Tischeindeckung sieht wahrlich traumhaft aus. Im ersten Moment dachte ich, dass willkürlich Blätter auf die Servietten gefallen sind. Und dass du passende Teller nutzt, erhöht noch einmal den Grad der Perfektion. Wunder-, wunderschön!!!!

Kannst du mir verraten, warum so viele Menschen die Tischeindeckung verschmähen und teilweise sogar die Kochtöpfe auf den Tisch stellen? Das Auge isst/trinkt doch auch mit ....

Ja, aus Omis alten Bettlaken lassen sich wunderbare Dinge herstellen. Leider habe ich jetzt keine mehr, da ich sie auch zu Kissenhüllen verarbeitet habe. Aber sobald ich wieder in Europa bin, wird der Bestand neu aufgefüllt. Die Materialien und auch die Webung waren früher einfach besser.

Ganz lieben Dank für deinen Kommentar und ich wünsche dir einen wunderbaren Tag!


sweets said...

Beautiful table, I love the greenery.


Oh my dear Marlis, as always very beautiful! I love brown and your tablescape with white tabletopper, pretty china and great chargers makes a beautiful setting! You did it once more! I haven't been visiting as I love to, I had a full guest house, but I'm going to right now starting from TT at Susan's. Hugs, FABBY

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Marlis...

My friend, this is one of the prettiest tables ever!!! I love the green paired with the brown...and the white! The large vases filled with green leaves is simply splendid!!! Love, love, LOVE THAT! And of course, the centerpiece goes sooo perfectly with the leaf china! Beautiful...beautiful place settings, my friend! Love the charger plates...they really do look like leather! Thank you for sharing this fabulous table with us today! This was truly a treat!

Warmest autumn wishes,

The Charmed Life Online said...

Your table is the perfect mix of organic and luxurious elements. The contrast of the matalesse against the dark brown wooden bowls is fantastic. Well done!!

~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
Your tablescape is gorgeous with the brown and light green colors dishes !!!
The leaves one day green and the next day yellow just add pop to your table. I also love the Ironwood bowls with the chargers great mix of texture sweet lady.
I would like to thank you so much for your comment on my David Maass Collection tablescape.
XXOO Diane

A Perfect Setting said...

Hi Marlis, This is just beautiful! You thought of every detail! I love the grapevine mesh on the table. Along with the wooden bowls, it adds such a natural effect with the whites and greens--just the right touch!! Of course, the china is awesome, and your centerpiece and the little leaf added to the napkins are amazing. Love the mercury glass, too! Just beautiful!

Denise said...

Hi Marlis,

This is all just so pretty! True to form, you've done one of the most unique and creative tables I've seen this fall. I, too, love the green leaves with the brown chargers, and I also love the wooden salad bowls. I remember my mom having some wooden salad bowls when I was growing up. The leaves tucked into the napkin rings are a very nice touch. All the little elements add up to a beautiful table.

Thanks for visiting me and for your kind comments on my table. :) Hope you have a wonderful week!

Denise at Forest Manor

Anonymous said...

I know it sounds old hat, but I love what you come up with each week. You are definitely creating your own creative journey which is a delight to follow. The green and brown this time is terrific. I'm afraid my leaves would be all brown meaning the green would have to come from another source!


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