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Friday, November 11, 2011

I love Good Customer Service

Seems like this is the motto of the day, lately. 
Good customer service is becoming a novelty.
I don't expect to always be right, 
but I do expect to be treated courteously.
I don't expect for everyone to have a great day everyday, 
but I do expect them not to rain on my parade.
I don't expect to be the most important person they have seen that day, 
but I do expect to get help when I ask for it.

Lately, it seems that when I'm shopping:
  • I can't find help when I need it.
  • When I do, I'm usually interrupting something more important and made to feel it, too.
  • I can't get change counted back.
  • And if the store doesn't make a sale, it doesn't seem to make an impression on the staff.

So today.. I'll share with you some exceptional customer service:
  • Cast Iron Grill, Lubbock - they make every customer feel as if they are royalty, they know your name, and the food is exceptional. Thank you Teresa
  • Melinda at Pottery Barn Fort Worth - not only will she find what you need, ship it to you, but she loves to have you call her so she can help you! Pottery Barn has to have the quickest shipping in the universe. 
  • Spears Furniture, Lubbock - service, they stand behind their product, they smile and they call you back! wow!
  • United Market Street, 50th and Indiana,  Lubbock - don't have it, they will get it for you, and everyone in the store is smiling and helpful - ALL THE TIME.
  • Ballard Designs - oh gosh call them and they will find you an answer as if you are the most important person of the day! And fast shipping - wow!
  • Williams Sonoma Fort Worth - I could spend hours in there just to watch the staff smile and be glad you are just browsing. 
  • Beth at JC Penney's Window treatments Lubbock - she not only found an item for less thus saving me tons, she helped me find the correct product to start with.

Thank you, I will have a great day and I will take my business elsewhere!!
Did you thank the last person who gave you exceptional service?
What is the best customer service you've had?
What is the worst customer service you've experienced?


Tanya@takesix said...

We stress customer service so much at our family business. When we get notified by a customer that they hav received good service we post their letter/email in the staff room, post it on our electronic store bulletin board, and thank the stafff member!! You can NEVER gift too good customer service!! Thank you for this great reminder, Marlis!

Alycia Nichols said...

Good customer service is so hard to come by these days. It is often tough to find anyone to assist in a store unless the store is having a grand opening. Even then half the employees have no idea how to answer a question you may have. There are so many stores where the cashiers never even bother to look up when you make a purchase. And you're right....many make you feel as if you've interrupted something FAR more important than making money for the store. I wonder if their boss/the owner feels that same way? Hmmmmmmm.....

Kuby said...

This is so on target for this season. I think that one of the reasons many small business find themselves in trouble is because the staff is just there for their hourly wage. In my own store I've actually observed my staff pointing people out the door rather then engaging them and finding out their real needs. As a customer, I can say that all too often I find the staff in little huddles laughing amongst themselves and being made to feel I was a 'bother' to their activity.

Debbie said...

I had wonderful customer service recently from Rustoleum. I even thought about blogging about it.

Unfortunately, I had terrible service yesterday at Hobby Lobby. I couldn't get anyone to answer a simple question. They called for someone to go to my aisle where I waited for over 10 minutes. No one ever came.

One girl, however, did keep eyeballing me from just down the way.

I DO thank for good service. I recently went to the manage of TJMaxx to express my appreciation for several folks on her staff.

D said...

Hi, Marlis,
Loved the cartoon. Seems to me, when you need a clerk, you can't find one, and when you don't want one, they are always there. I hate it when they ask, do you need a bag?

Cast Iron Grill said...

Marlis, you are royalty!!! Thank you so much for the kind words!

Cast Iron Grill said...

Marlis, you are royalty!!! Thank you so much for the kind words!


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