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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Making over the living room, one piece at a time.

Mr Tightwad Frugal is not a happy man these days. One piece by one piece his beloved sectional is leaving. First let me explain that this was never intended to go into the living room. Ever. It came home from the cabin and was put to use after our house fire a decade ago. This year, I've reached the limit of my patience. First the recliner went out the front door. Of course Mr. Tightwad Frugal was not home at the time. And when he came in was astounded to be greeted by his beloved lying topsy turvy in the front courtyard. (To digress, we left for dinner and the our yard crew came. We noticed the fresh cut grass. When I saw Jesse a few weeks later I asked him what he thought. And being kind and not wanting to admit he had noticed, he shyly said that he had looked for Mr. Tightwad Frugal's clothes.)

Then, on our anniversary he came home to find the corner piece of the sectional had been heaved out the patio door. He just looked at me quite pitiful and said "I have no place to sit". I said "Then go shopping." Of course Mr. Tightwad Frugal did not. In the mean time, we've had a party and still he hasn't been motivated. So this week I took matters in my own hands. I went shopping. Sunday I even took Mr. Tightwad Frugal with me. As I was looking for a chair, he was wandering. When I finally found him, he was enveloped in a recliner the size of a sofa that had to be plugged in!! No joke, it was electric. Nope, not going to happen.

 We went to one store, then stopped at another and I narrowed his choice to two chairs. Both recliners, neither looks the part.

Do you like this one? Do you like that one? Yes they both recline. Try it out. Is it comfortable? Why did I take him along. So we settled on these two chairs. Buying neither one and thanks to my cell phone, I was able to come home with digital photos.

So I came home and crudely photoshopped the one chair into the picture of the room. Granted it's not quite to size and not the same angle.. It does however give you an idea of what the chair will look like. We both loved this chair in the store. But it's a bit too formal for our lifestyle. (If you don't have photoshop, print your pictures out and then just cut out the chair and place it "into" the toom).

Chair two was much more to our liking. More casual and more in the direction for which we are striving - Santa Fe goes to Europe. So back to the store I went on Wednesday of this week. I wanted one more look at both chairs. This time I armed myself with pillows, throws and pictures. Chair two had one more piece of fabric around the sides and back that read a bit too yellow for my liking.

I called Mr. Tightwad Frugal and said I'd bought a chair. He asked which one.. well not one you've seen was the answer. I could hear his eyes rolling and the gears spinning. The chair will be delivered on Saturday. Will he like it? And yes, it is a recliner. (the pillows on the chair are some from some couches at the store, to help figure out if the taupe couch I desire will go nicely - it will)

Next a 100" couch - which seems to be elusive at the moment. But I'm making headway.


Sunny simple life said...

Too funny. A few years ago we needed new den couches and my hubby gave me a really low budget and well, now it is already looking worn and has a tear I fortunately can hide but with furniture you get what you pay for. We will need new in the not too distant future but as we have a 2 yr old I will wait a little longer.

Designs on 47th Street said...

Hello, This was a very entertaining post! :) Could our husbands possibly be related? Mine detest shopping so much that I sometimes buy without him sitting on a couch or chair. Then he complains it doesn't fit his body! What is a person to do when trying to update?

Lucky you knowing how to photoshop and make choices a bit easier.


xinex said...

I love your choice, Marlis. Anything brown leather is good for me, easy to maintain too. Our heater in the bedroom stopped working last night (waiting for heating guy now) so dh and I slept on our brown recliners in the family room. We both slept well so they were comfy enough for all night. Sometimes it is best to shop alone. Can't wait to see what couch you buy..Christine

Kuby said...

This was hysterical! We both have Lazy Boy recliners; mine is egg-shell leather and Richard has has a big ole grey one. I kid him that it is the Daddy Bear chair. The chair you picked looks very comfortable. I'm sure your husband will enjoy it and spend plenty of time in it.


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