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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Embroidery Inspiration

Today, I want to share with you some inspiration. Inspiration can come from anywhere and in this day and age, technology offers one of the easiest ways to be inspired. One little word in the browser search box returns hours worth of inspiration. A right click on the image will give you the option to save the picture as a file.
Linens are one of my heart throbs. I love them old and new. I have all of my grandmother's bed linens along with her beautifully embroidered pillow cases. Every time I look at them, yes I actually use them, I can remember how they would come back from the laundry beautifully pressed and folded. The fresh laundry smell even comes back.
I love padded monograms. There is a distinct art to producing this quality of fine stitching. I think this is something I want to learn soon. Although, using a 60wt. cotton embroidery thread in the needle of an embroidery thread produces some wonderful results. Just be sure to iron from the wrong side with the embroidery on a thick terry towel. This preserves the puffy look.
Wouldn't it be a dream to crawl into this bed? I believe that most of these bed sets are from Schweizer Linens. However, I'd need to win a lottery or two to buy every set I would like to own... but oh the sweet dreams these would guarantee!
Sweet dreams, sew something heirloom.

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