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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween week.. part five

Tie a ribbon on some Halloween bells. Take out an antique dish. Place beribboned bells in dish. Instant charm.
Purchased ceramic mini Halloween plates. Affix a plate hanger to the back. Let dry! Fashion a paper clip into a hook shape. Hang plates over the curtain rod.

Be Creative!


TAMMY said...


CG said...

Were the bells @ Hobby Lobby? They are neat!

CG said...

All of your Halloween ideas are really neat!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marlis,

It's Helen. For the first time in nearly a month I am finally tuned in to the internet. Had to change companies but hope it's worth it. Glad to see you on track again. I have missed your post. I really did like the tree and birdhouse. But then, the cards were super cute.

Bobbie said...

Bells are super cute? Almost as cute as the tassel Santa. The plate idea is great, maybe for Christmas at my house. Bobbie


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