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Monday, January 21, 2013

We ran away!

I was sick for our anniversary and for New Year's. I had cataract surgery on the 8th. Just really well enough to have it since the cold just would not leave. Then our son broke his kneecap. Not sure if surgery is needed or not. We will find out Thursday. So we ran away! I wish Santa Fe had had this much snow, the lack of precipitation is going to play havoc in the spring. But it was beautiful anyway!

Warning!! Picture heavy post.. so I'll leave the monologues out, ;-).

Regan thinking that he could hide in the suitcase. You know that white cats are invisible, right?

My favorite color on the portals.. Turquoise

One of my favorite stops! I have to keep adding to my addiction collection of Jil Gurule ornaments.

Saw this cute advent calendar in the store. A styrofoam ring covered in ribbon or red tape and then boxes hung by ribbons.

Love this jacket, the colors, the large collar, the mix of fabrics. Great inspiration for myself. Didn't buy this, but did find a blouse in guess which color? Turquoise, of course.

Went into Packards on the square. Had to look at some rugs. Not sure I want this much red in our living room but maybe under the dining table. Will have to photoshop it into a picture. Do you do that?

Packards has these gorgeous silver goblets that have a tinkling sound in their stem. I love the champagne flutes, but really love seeing the bubbles. Thinking water or wine instead.

And then there is the stunning placesetting! black and silver. just stunning.

 If my son had tall ceilings in his apartment, this would be the perfect chandelier... guitars, music and cowboys!

There wasn't much snow at all. But the temps were cold, cold cold.. except in the afternoons when we strolled about in sweatshirts!

On to Cielo. Needed a few more glasses. And to admire their fabulous objets d'art for the table. Got to meet their buyer.. fantastic guy!

A close up of the wonderful runner on the table. Painted and beaded linen.

Why the fisheye was on on the camera, who knows. sorry.. don'tcha love the green napkin used under the placemat. Look at the flatware! Why does black, white and green always looks amazing?

From there on to the Swiss Bakery! Might I recommend their Apfel Strudel. The proprietress is from Wiesbaden, Germany. We did have a nice chat.. in German, too!

Thought this might be fun to do next Christmas or for any outdoor event.. Weave the lights through the stuff at the base of the plants/twigs, etc. 

Things Finer is another one of my favorite haunts. Always love their windows. Apparently I'm not the only one as this time there were many waiting to snap a shot of the Haut Couture Pooch!

Came in for a bit of warmth and to change before dinner.

Then it was off to Ore House at Milagro.

Where they serve these delightful amuses-bouche while you are contemplating the menu.
I had the salmon and Mr. CJ had the steak.. both had us swooning!

This is their cute courtyard where it's fun to sit - in the summer!

Dinner and breakfast and a quick break at La Fonda. I guess we have been steady customers for 30 years. wow. This was a new one for us a Hornipolitan.. I'll share this beguiling recipe soon.

I do love just walking by the art that seems to be on almost every corner.

No turn around here? Really?

 Poem. This cute little basket would make a great place to store almost anything. Easily made. But much faster to just buy!
As was this cute bunting in the window.

Next to Poem is this cute candy store!

Sorry, taken with my phone, yeah that was another treat.. the on button quit working.. getting a new one tomorrow.. which one?

On our way out of town..... can you believe this? I expected $4/gal!

Other places of interest:
We always eat at Cafe Pasqual's!
Browse the boots at Back at the Ranch.
Go into the Luchese flagship store on the Plaza.
Shop at the Chile Shop where she displays her own pottery designs,
add to the talavera collection at Guadalupano Imports,
Browse in Cowboys & Indians,
Visit the Indians selling their beautiful wares under the Portal,
Look for bargains at Ortega's.
Dine at Coyote Cafe, the Shed, La Fonda, 
enter into bead heaven on Marcy street,
check out Overland Sheepskin Company,
hit a couple of resale/consigment shops,
the outlet mall (got some turquoise Le Creuset this trip),
and visit Jackalopes!
Already planning to go back. April? August for sure....see you there!


Barbara F. said...

Oh Marlis, I love everything about this post. I was missing your blog. Glad you are back, glad your eye surgery went well and your cold is gone. I want to visit New Mexico someday. I love the jacket in the window and the place setting in black and silver, with the crescent moon on the side? Gorgeous. Looks like you had a fabulous trip. xo

Anonymous said...

So good to see this post, Marlis.

A classmate has shop there. I've never visited. Do need a getaway.:-) Will probably end up in the southwest...Missouri southwest though.:-)

Loved seeing all your photos and I love the rug and would like to see how it would look in your dining

Tricia said...

So glad you had a fun getaway after all you've dealt with lately! I enjoyed seeing all the pics of the pretties you saw in various stores -- so fun! You went to a couple of our favorite places -- especially Cafe Paschal! It's been too long since we visited Santa Fe!

Alycia Nichols said...

After the year you've had thus far, you DESERVED to run away!!!!!!! And you ran to just the right place! All that fabulous shopping, the wonderful restaurants, the scenic views, the fabulous shopping...oops! I said that already! :-) But I can't help it with those cool moon & stars dishes and those incredibly beautiful silver goblets!!! $2.78 a gallon?!??!?!! Hooray for those folks!!! Stay well, young lady, and I hope your son doesn't have to have surgery.

Kathleen said...

Looks like a fabulous trip! Loved seeing everything, esp the dishes!
We had snow last night, but it is about 18 deg. too cold to enjoy it, and dropping to 7 tomorrow! ICE! We will be stuck inside.
Glad you had a good time, hope ds knee is ok! Always something! :(

Scribbler said...

Looks like you had a good time! I wish I lived as close as you do. We really enjoyed our stay. Packard's is one of my favorite places, and I did manage to resist those goblets with the tinkling sound. (It was hard.)

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Marlis, what a beautiful place. Bet that spring is wonderful. Glad you had a super get-a-way. Love the post.

Dianne said...

So sorry you were sick, but running away was a great idea. Looks like you had a fun filled trip. I am assuming you went with your husband? How wonderful that he enjoys this kind of trip. I would be town all by myself while my husband would be up in the mountains looking for animals! Love Coyote Cafe. Dianne

Art and Sand said...

I saw your blog title - We Ran Away - on another blog and clicked for the heck of it. I missed the name of the spot you ran to and just scrolled through the photos. I knew immediately it must be Santa Fe, but I kept scrolling to make sure. When I saw the words La Fonda and then Poem, I knew I was right. It is one of our favorite spots. We did Christmas there in 2010 and the magic of Canyon Road was wonderful. I am glad to know that Poem is still there. I love that store.

Thanks for a trip down memory lane.

RhondaBuss said...

Time away can really feed the soul! Looks like yours was fed well. What a great trip.


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