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Monday, August 20, 2012

A new table

 I saw this table.
Restoration Hardware.
I wanted this table!!

But oooh so lovely.

 So I started looking on line.
And "pinning" tables.
See my Pinterest boards HERE.

  You see how similar all these tables are....
I think there is a theme!!

And this one is outside. 
Just where I needed my table to live.

And a bench or two would be nice, too.

This sweet table was in Country Living magazine.
Can you believe this table is "home-made"?
Pattern is available HERE FROM Ana White.
But of course, you know this.... I had a modification, or two. tee heee

Ten feet long.
But Cedar instead of pine.
And way, way less less pricey.

 With bigger overhangs on the ends and no cross piece on the ends.
I love the chunky legs!!

Didn't he do a great job.
I know I'm partial, but hey, that's what Momma's do!
Five hours of work.
Less than 1/10th the cost. 
Of course I'm sanding now.
And then to decide which sealant to put on.
Cedar? Clear? Or a Gray stain?
Well back to the belt sander....


Anita said...

Marlis, you have to know I love this!!!! Gorgeous and cedar is just perfect. Beautiful!

Entertaining Women said...

You'll have so many wonderful dinner parties on this table. We have a 12 foot antique harvest table in storage (used to be at the lake house)...anyway, suggestion. Because it was so long, I draped a Dhurrie rug across the middle of it with my centerpiece on top of it. That way, when we entertained a smaller group, it worked to just sit at one end. I wonder if one of those cool indoor outdoor rugs might accomplish the same thing...and work for outdoors. I love your new table! Happy sanding! Cherry Kay

Miss Char said...

Love your new table and what a bargain in cost and the fact that you were able to adjust the length to your needs. Love it, thanks for sharing.

Kathleen said...

It's gorgeous! And so special because it was made with love for just YOU!
Oh the tablescapes we will see!

RhondaBuss said...

Your's is truly the best! What a beautiful job he did.


Oh wow, dearest Marlis, I just adore this! I'd like something like that for my kitchen's breakfast nook, I don't like what I have at all, it's from way back and it's not my taste. He did a terrific job and I'm so inspired now!! Have a splendid week sweetie!

On Crooked Creek said...

He did a fabulous job and I agree...I like the modifications of your table better,dear friend!!! Like you, I am blessed to have a son who is a designing engineer and a handyman husband!!! Beautiful...enjoy!

ellen b. said...

Oh so nice! Great vision and great construction!! Those bigger overhangs will be appreciated by the person who sits at the end!

Infuse With Liz said...

Well aren't you lucky! That came out great! Cedar is a great wood...it does well outdoors and should last a long long time! Of course having your son make it is the best part of all! Cedar grays out on it's own as the years tick by.

Scribbler said...

I would go with gray -- but it may get that color on its own. I saw four of those RH chairs at my HG store yesterday for much less -- don't know if you are looking for any chairs. Your son did a fabulous job. Maybe this could be a great new career for him -- all the bloggers are going to want one of these for sure!

Alycia Nichols said...

When I see this beautifully-crafted table, it makes me miss my Daddy's handyman skills even more! The Alzheimer's has taken away all of that. I may need to tap one of those "Honey Do" fellas whose fliers I see tacked up at the grocery store. I have wanted a table (with benches) for a couple of years now. Actually, I've wanted two: 1 for the deck and one for the yard so I don't have to worry about moving anything! I'm hoping to get those soon. Since your son can't come here, I guess I'll just have to figure something else out! :-) He did a magnificent job on this for you!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!


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