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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Drama by Candlelight tablescape

Welcome to Drama by Candlelight. An evening illuminated by at least a dozen candles. 

I've had this one planned for a while, but couldn't decide how to pull it all together. Nothing like a deadline to make that happen! Creativity under fire. Either you thrive on it (I do) or you falter. 

It's already the blue hour as I'm scaping this table. I pulled candleholders in all heights together, limiting them to crystal, mercury glass or silver. Although those little balls do have a yellowish cast.

The placemats and napkins came from my mother. I was with her when she purchased them decades ago. When we were cleaning out her things after she went to be with Jesus, I found these with the tags still on them. I also pulled out the black plates and the white one with the bare branches. Very wintry indeed!

 I love these black plates. With the matte and the glossy finish, they do not tend to keep knife abrasions as is the case with many black dinnerware.

Still loving these plates for their branches. 

Last shot without the candles lit. I think it helps to see the elements more clearly.

And the candles were lit. I love the parade down the center of the table, the varying heights and thicknesses create a moving centerpiece.

The swirl votive bowl is Cheers by Mikasa. Such a versatile piece. Love it!

With more crystal than metal in the candle parade, you can see through many of the candlesticks. The crystal ones certainly carry the light from above to the tabletop.

I do so love this Mikasa Parklane in candlelight!

The chargers came from Hobby Lobby last year. The black plates emphasize the black of the snowflakes on the chargers themselves. The Horchow flatware also picks up the black of the chargers. 

Silver metal snowflakes encircle the napkins that match the placemats.

With this many candles on the table.. be sure to have a snuffer at the ready!

Table Linens - Made in Germany
Dinner Plate - Midnight Trellis plates by Home Essentials and Beyond also used HERE
Salad Plate  - Matceramica, Portulgal, also used HERE
Flatware - Horchow
Goblet - Mikasa Parklane
Candle snuffer - Thank you Faith!
Snowflake napkin rings - Dillards, also used HERE
Assorted Candlesticks - Gorham, Mikasa, and others.

Thank you for dropping by. If you leave a comment, it gives me a chance to come visit you! See you again soon I hope.. I'll be linking up to Tablescape Thursdays over at Susan's
and Ivy and Elephants - oh do drop in!!


Tricia said...

Wow, Marlis -- what spectacular photos of a stunning table! The blue hour photos really caught my eye -- gorgeous! I love the sparkle and drama all those candles bring to the table, and the black and silver pieces you've included play nicely together. I'm sure finding those placemats and napkins brought back memories of your mother. Beautiful work!

A Hint of Home said...

Beautiful, beautiful table! Love the black and white and all the candlelight! What a great pic with the blue hour showing!
I love your flatware!

On Crooked Creek said...

Elegant tablescape! How illuminating, indeed. The graduating heights truly lends movement to the entire length of your table. I adore the mix of linens and tableware creating a natural, yet exquisite setting.

Dianne said...

Marlis, This is so beautiful. I love the contrast of dark and light and I am real sucker for loads of candles. I about burned up my New Year's Eve guests one year with a couple of dozen candles! Everyone was sweating even though it was freezing outside. The placemats and napkins are really gorgeous. Nice job. Dianne

Pat said...

The linens are fabulous Marlis! Love the color and texture. Gorgeous table!!

The French Hutch said...

Oh wow Marlis, This tablescape is jaw dropping beautiful. I love the black and white plates, the lovely stemware and the placemats and napkins are so special. The centerpiece of candles is gorgeous. I love the mercury glass and white. What a beautiful table, especially after the candles were lit. Very touching about finding the placemats. I've had to do that too. Just Gorgeous!

The French Hutch

Ivy and Elephants said...

Marlis, this tablescape is perfection! What vision you have, and the skills to pull it all together. All those candles with the silver is magic. We'd love to have you share with us at WIW. Hope you can make it!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

This is such a dreamy table, Marlis! I love the twiggy plates, and I would love sitting for a long dinner in all the candlelight. Lots of gorgeous drama here.

The Tablescaper said...


Such a beautiful and dramatic table.I'm so glad that you posted on Wednesday, as usual, and din't succumb to the changes of one. Your tables are gorgeous.I love having the time to enjoy them.

- The Tablescaper

xinex said...

Very pretty, Marlis. I love the candle glow and love the plates...Christine

Denise said...

Hi Marlis,

This is a gorgeous and oh-so dramatic table! Those candles are a real show stopper. This is a great idea and I'm so glad you shared it with everyone. I love your creative tablescapes.

Hope you have a great day.

Denise at Forest Manor

Entertaining Women said...

I think that your mom is smiling. I love that you were with her when she purchased these lovely elements, and your joy at rediscovering them in your stash. She had quite a sophisticated eye...as do you. I love the shot where you have pulled the drapery panels. The texture of the drapery fabric becomes entwined with the design of the entire table...but you knew that. Beautiful tablescape! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

Jacqueline said...

What a beautiful table and you couldn't have taken it at a better time - your blue hour photos are just stunning and a perfect backdrop for the silver and black. I just love the linens. They are so gorgeous. Your leaf plate (that doesn't show knife marks) is just stunning too. What a pretty and inviting table. Candles just make the world more beautiful don't they and I love how many you used.

Jo's This and That said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your lovely home,Joann

A Cottage in the Clouds said...

Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it.


Stunning Marlis! I love all the candle light display, it is so elegant and dramatic! I'm loving everything about your table display, from the dishes, to the candle sticks. Hugs,

Cindy said...

I love your table Marlis, but then I always love your tables! XO Cindy

Marlis said...

Thank you Tricia. I loved remembering Mom though those placemats and napkins. I wish she had used her pretty things more often!

Marlis said...

Thanks, the blue hour shot was not planned, it just happened to be there as I got ready to take the photos. Have your gotten to where you can pick it out without the camera?

Marlis said...

Thanks for the invite, I popped right over. Thank you too for your kind words!

SavannahGranny said...

Marlis, I love the vast array of candles. They are so impressive down the center of the table. Love you mom's napkins and placemats. So glad you got to use them. She would be glad they are such a hit.
Lovely table and sentiment.

Pam - diy Design Fanatic said...

Marlis, your table is classic and elegant! So lovely with all the candles!

Elaine said...

Marlis, this is breath-taking! From the placemats to the napkin rings, the layers of dishes and linens are just beautiful together! They say that candlelight is very flattering on faces, so your diners would all look like movie stars!

Marigene said...

You hit this one out of the ballpark, Marlis...gorgeous! I am drooling over the white plates with the leafless trees. The candlelight photos are spectacular, the silver and crystal just sparkle! Thanks for sharing memories of your mother with us.

Chandy said...

Wow! Gorgeous and elegant! I will definitely try this one! Those white plates... Yummy! Can you please tell me who makes them and what they're called? Please!

Helen's Decor said...

Gorgeous, I enjoyed visiting and thanks for visiting me, too. I'm now following your blog! Helen

Marlis said...

Chandy, I have no idea the name, the back simply says Matceramica, Portugal. Thanks for dropping in!

Liz@A Dish Here, A Glass There said...

What a beautiful table! You pulled this together perfectly! Your mother's napkins and placemants were the perfect pairing for your dishes! I too love the center parade of candle holders! It all looks gorgeous lit up!

Alycia Nichols said...

Woot, woot!!! Raise the roof!!! This is gorgeous!!! Oh, Marlis....SO pretty!!! You know I am a sucker for lots and lots of candles! The dishes are gorgeous! They work so well together, and even more so with the charger. The napkins and placemats are a perfect choice, made all the more special because of their history. I really love that Parklane crystal, too. It is just so classic! Beautifully done, Marlis!!!

Tanya@takesix said...

Wow!! Such a lovely candlelit table. Your candle runner is gorgeous. I have always loved candles in big groups. The linens are beautiful and it is such a treasure to have some of your moms things to continue using, and enjoying her memory! Thank you for visiting!!

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Marlis, your mom is smiling that you are using the placemats and napkins ;o) Little did she know how you would be enjoying them and sharing them with us. What a stunning table with all the sparkle, drama and candles. Just so beautiful!

A Toile Tale said...

Marlis -
I hope that these beautiful linens get to come to many more of your wonderful dinner parties. I have such a weakness for the strength of the linage of heirloom linens. That's why, even though I buy most of my linen at antique shows or tag sales, it makes me sad that so many people let their linens out of the family. Even if they don't want to wash and iron it, coundn't they just be the keepers of the treasures? Love this table. It is so sophisticated.
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Texas Tea Party said...

Marlis, I hope you always have a great idea at the last minute or any time for this a very sudtle tablescape. The candle light is the theme but the plates are the drama. The plates have so much contrast between the dark black and the white with black branches. I am glad you have your Mother's beautiful treasures and it is great how you used them in the tablescape. Happy Tablescaping! Pam

Mary said...

This is stunning Marlis! Your candlelight casts such a beautiful glow and I love your gorgeous dish & linen layers! Creativity UNDER fire~ not ON fire :) thanks to your sweet snuffer~ indeed!!

A Perfect Setting said...

Marlis, this is a beautiful table, and I love your Mom's plaemats and napkins--so pretty. The candles do make a lovely centerpiece and your Park Lane goblets are so sparkly! The plate stack is perfect and I'd say you did a great job pulling it all together. Bravo!

Tess said...

Beautiful table Marlis! I love those fluted glasses. Very nice photography.

Ivy and Elephants said...

Thanks for linking, Marlis. You're the best! Hope to see you again next week!
Big hugs,


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