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Friday, February 18, 2011

Good things from the inbox

There's been a week of good stuff in my email inbox.. Oh if only the inbox was as tidy as my closet! Keeping up with cleaning up the trash in both the computer and on my not quite-as-smart-as-HE- thinks-HE-is-smart-phone takes a wee bit of coordination.
names erased to protect the innocent
Because I am so good bad about signing up for EVERYTHING, I have to constantly weed out what I want to read. That being said, I have two blogs, two emails, and two computers. Oh and Mr. Not-Quite-So-Smartphone. Confusion abounds mainly because if I delete on my Mr. Not-Quite-So-Smartphone then the email goes to the trash bin on the computer... but if I delete a message on the computer Mr. Not-Quite-So-Smartphone is not smart enough to move it to the trash on the phone. No reciprocity!!! That is why my phone is a male.

Today I thought I'd share with you some neat 'stuff" that flew in this week (links provided):

These first two come from Williams Sonoma. I love their "stuff"... shop there whenever I get a chance. Mostly on-line since we don't have a store here in Lubbock. They both look very promising!
1. Tasting Table.com

2. Sous Chef Series

Okay so they approached me, but you know you got to check it out. And when I did, wow! My favorite part was the meal ideas... Plan your meal one day at a time. Put in your ingredient..you end up with a whole list of recipes, then you can plan your menus for the week. I would have loved this when the kids were young! I even put a link on my sidebar so that I could get there in a hurry.. see it says Grocery List! Can I say I need an app for this???
3. Dinnertool.com

 I'm always looking for decorating ideas. I gather these thoughts in the corners of my mind, on mysterious bits of paper, torn pages, and sketches. Love that the online retailers are giving so much free advice these days.
4. Ballard Designs - how to mix, match and decorate

I am addicted to ribbon. No really. I know hard to believe. Wouldn't this be cute on a spring table? on a mantel? in a hutch? with birds? surrounded by bunnies? 
5. 2/17 May Arts Ribbon Blog
from May Arts Ribbon Blog

 and last but really not least.. who can resist saving money. Of course you have to spend money to realize the savings, but it is all stuff we NEED, right??
 6. Tuesday Morning - Big Savings!!! 

Have a great weekend, count your blessings, say thanks and find joy!


AB HOME Interiors said...

Wow this post has EVERYTHING!!! hahah The ribbon idea is awesome, and I love the meal planning, and then shopping too! EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Such a tempting post. I have enough keeping up with 2 email accounts on the computer. If I had a "smart" phone I think I would drown.

I get sad some days that we have no big name stores within 45 minutes of home. So far I have not given in to online shopping. Now I think I should be happy there is not the shopping temptation.

Some deals and suggestions look hard to resist.


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